Serving Bucks, Montgomery & Philadelphia Counties

More and more people are striving to “age in place” which refers to the ability of any person to grow old in their own home or that of their family.  Sometimes it may mean the ability, with extra help, to stay in an assisted living facility. All people can receive the medical and non-medical services they may need at home.

“Home Is Where the Heart Is” rings true for us all.  Home is defined in countless ways, and always has a personal interpretation. History and memories often combine to place our hearts in a specific place we call “home.” The quality of our connectedness and feeling part of fellowship helps us to feel valued, loved and worthwhile. Homes may embody our heart’s desire to feel loved.

“First Do No Harm” is the guiding principle in all healthcare and medical treatment. When faced with end-of-life challenges and concerns such as failing health we are often asked to make broad and sweeping lifestyle changes. Ask yourself, if you were under going and recovering from a major health trauma would you want to be asked to re-locate or be up-rooted from your home in addition to difficult and challenging health concerns. Add the potential for memory decline as we age, and the home-heart connection may be a vital life force that promotes both health and wellness. 

Whether you are looking for Long Term Care, Assistance to Hospice, or Short-Term Healthcare needs, the knowledgeable staff of At Home Certified Senior Healthcare is eager to help answer your home healthcare services questions.  We are a Pennsylvania licensed non-medical homecare agency located in Doylestown and serving clients in the Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.