Dear Sue & Team,
Thank you for the many wonderful memories we have of more than 5 years of our association. Your thoughtfulness, kindness and assistance was truly a gift to us during a very difficult period in our life.

We will always have a special place in our heart for all of you who served us so well.

We wish you continued success to a great spirited and upcoming young company.

I am happy to report that Anne is adjusting to her new environment. Please keep in touch with us.

Gloria, Thank you dear one for the heart centered care you gave to our mother. It was a difficult time for us as well as her, made easier by the trust we had in you. You put her in a cocoon of compassionate safety and respect that she trusted as well. Watching you two together made it clear that what she was trying to express was that she didn’t want to be “handled”. She wanted to be respected. She wanted to to retain her personal power. Perhaps through training, but I think more likely intention and heart, you knew that. Your nursing skills were impressive, but at the end of her life, the most important attribute was compassion.
There is a special place for you in our hearts that will remain even if we never meet again. We will be forever grateful that God brought you to us in His perfect timing. Bless you Gloria. Please remember that you deserve compassion, respect, and peace you give to others. Accept nothing less.
C.B., Rick, Kathy & Rich

We have been with AHCSH from the beginning and have never been disappointed. “Our girls” go above and beyond to make sure mom has everything she needs and have certainly become part of the family. Both Tom and I live out of state. Knowing AHCSH has mom’s best interest at heart puts our minds at ease! Thank you Sue, Melissa, Barbara, and Karen. Mom is so happy that she is able to remain in her home.Tom & Casey J.

Al and I wanted to drop a quick note of thanks.  We feel so comfortable knowing you are looking after my Mother and Father as we travel on vacation.  Look for your post card.Anna P.

WOW!  What a difference your organization has made in our lives and the lives of our families.   I wish we would have found you 2 years ago.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!Susan C.

Dear Sue, I’d like to just thank all the caregivers for Mom and the wonderful job they do – not just in physical care but in being such delightful people to be around.  Living at a distance we love knowing that Mom has interesting people that have her best interests in mind with her.  Debbie is fantastic at coordinating care and being a constant upbeat delight to Mom, and we would like to know if there is a formal way to add a compliment like this to Debbie’s file.  Mom also mentions Wanda, Sarah and Yvonne frequently. Thanks again and let us know.Marsha & Beth (daughters)

We just visited my mother yesterday and she was happier than I can remember seeing her in a very long time… It’s not JUST the fact that she gets out or has company. I/we’ve been popping in a few times a week since she lost her license and we try to go out for a few minutes which cheers her up; HOWEVER, this is the quality of the company. Yesterday she kept saying “How do you find people like this? They just couldn’t be nicer…” or, “I’m so relaxed. We just have so much fun…” AMAZING! I know (OK, I assume) that she’s still sharing her “I don’t need help ‘mantra,’ so please share her gratitude and ours with her care team.Love Robin & Warren

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